You Deserve A Law Firm Experienced In Handling Million Dollar Broken (Or Fractured) Bone Cases


The Manhattan broken bone attorneys at Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick possess a wealth of experience handling injuries related to broken bones. Bones are often broken (also known as fractured) in car accidents, trip and falls, slip and falls, construction accidents, and a variety of other ways.

Fractured bones are painful and often difficult to heal. The full extent of the injury is often not apparent until well after the accident and these types of injuries can potentially interfere with your ability to work. In addition, treatment is expensive. Our firm spares no expense in gathering the essential evidence for your case, and we will retain all the necessary experts and specialists to make sure that your case is prepared properly to maximize the recovery you are entitled to under the law.

The more information the court and the jury are provided, the better they will understand and be able to evaluate your injuries and their impact on your life, both financial and otherwise. With extensive information, they are more likely to render a fair and just award that will fully compensate you for all of your losses and ensure that you are not left without the means to properly attend to your medical and financial needs. Common fractures which are caused by accidents include:

  • Open Reduction, Internal Fixation/Placement of Hardware Surgeries
  • Arm Fractures: humerus fracture, ulna fracture, radius fracture
  • Clavicle Fractures: common in babies who are pulled too hard through the birth canal
  • Spinal Fractures: broken vertebrae in the spine
  • Hand and Wrist Fractures
  • Pelvic Fractures: broken hips, broken pelvis
  • Leg Fractures: femur fracture, tibia fracture, broken knee-cap
  • Foot Fractures: broken toe, broken ankle
  • Rib Fractures
  • Face and Head Fractures
  • Arthritis (Caused by the Accident and Injury)

Expert Review of Your Broken Bone Injury Claim - Our Manhattan fractured bone lawyers have handled hundreds of cases involving broken bones. Once you hire us for your broken bone injury, we will acquire your medical records and evaluate your claim. We will have your records reviewed by medical and other specialists. They will focus on your injuries and your economic losses to help the jury or insurance company understand your need for future medical treatment, surgeries, medication, household help, and the cost of all these items. Proper preparation and attention to detail helps ensure just compensation for you.

Life Care Plan for the Broken Bone Injury Claim – To further maximize your fractured bone injury claim, we have many of our broken bone injury cases reviewed by a Life Care Planner when appropriate. A life care planner will review all relevant records and conduct an examination in order to give an opinion as to your future medical needs, which are often the largest component of economic damages. These experts determine the medical and other services, equipment, and supplies that you will require for the remainder of your life. They then carefully research all of the items included in the life care plan to determine your expected future medical treatment costs. Overall, life care planners assess and prepare our broken bone injury cases so that judges, juries, opposing attorneys, and insurance companies may understand the true value of your case.

Economic Damages for Broken Bone Injuries – Our firm routinely hires and spares no expense in retaining economic experts to accurately analyze your financial losses as a result of your broken bone. These professionals calculate economic losses related to your injury. They then apply specific medical inflation rates and consistent discount rates to determine the true value of your losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, household help, and other items. They will create economic damage assessments and incorporate the cost of continued medical care and lost services when applicable. These economic experts also thoroughly evaluate the impact your injury has on your loss of earnings, which may include a loss of fringe benefits, pension benefits, 401(k) plan, and union benefits. They rely on both national estimates and case specific facts to determine and calculate these losses. The economic expert is often essential in providing the court and the jury with all of the necessary information to fully understand your economic losses due to your injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation Experts – Oftentimes, the services of a Vocational Rehabilitation expert are helpful in explaining to the jury why a person with a disabling condition has to work at a job with a reduced earning capacity, has a shortened work life expectancy, or is rendered chronically unemployable. It is the vocational rehabilitation expert who performs a comprehensive evaluation of any employment issues you may have in order to explain in court how such factors impact your ability to obtain or maintain employment over the course of your lifetime.

Medical Illustrations Depicting Broken Bones – Our Manhattan broken bone attorneys work with medical art directors and certified medical illustrators to develop compelling visual aids and exhibits to present at trial. These greatly assist the jury in understanding the nature and impact of your injury. These medical illustrations turn complex medical information into visual presentations that captivate, educate and explain the anatomy and nature of your broken bones, surgical procedure, or medical condition. This helps the jury understand your injury and the pain and suffering you endured and will continue to endure into the future.

Call 1-800-Ex-Judge or e-mail now for a free consultation if you have suffered broken bones or other types of injuries caused by any type of accident or mishap due to someone else’s error or negligence. Our Manhattan bone fracture lawyers attorneys and staff will answer your questions and assist you with your legal claim. Our firm is DEDICATED to handling serious injury cases and providing our clients with the time and attention they deserve.

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